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juts tryna make it thru the day..

juts tryna make it thru the day..

haters always tryna break it sdown and put it in a pound.. but at the end of the day... its me whos higher then a bitch i kud give a fuck less what you think kuz we all trying to make it and if we want it bad enough we aint gone let no one take it from us put the future first nd the past in the dust.. these fuck niggas who walk by us shake there head in disgust kuz they dnt agree with our carreer choice but when the club gets off its you who is jammin to the sound of my voice.. just got my first tat and im addicted so im goin the fuck back do it like my nigga wiz say and ink my whole body up i dnt give a muther fuck nd whos a lame kuz when the shots went off it was yu was tryna duck and run from the niggas you sold out you need to stop worryin bout the drought and relize when yur dyin and closin yur eyes that yu aint gunna survive now kuz heaven aint there kuz yu chose not to believe an its yur girl whos on her knees begguin me please.. just a sample co0ntact me for full track....

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