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Wiz Khalifa


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Wiz Khalifa
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Wiz Khalifa


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Yo Wiz! HUGE FAN! I keep it 100% taylor'd and so do people i roll wit. You need to come back to Cincinnati Ohio this year! See you front row again! TGOD

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Hi Wiz i'm number one of your fan in France . loooooove u so much i'm crazy about u and i hope smoke with you it's my dream . come in Toulouse and make a concert at zénith . Follow me @marioncalloch looove u man everything u do u do it big it's real u r magic . Love u Wizibaby ❤

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Youngbutready Holllll up

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Wiz you should come to Sweden again!! i love you man <3

StevenFko's picture

Wiz I'm your number one fan in Costa Rica, you have many fans in my country, I hope some day to Costa Rica include them in some Latin American tour

Greetings from Costa Rica ....
TGOD men!

juhoasd's picture

Can't wait for RUISROCK! Finally you're coming to Finland after a long time. Damn man, a dream come true. I'll finally see you :)

nagahagasan's picture

Hey Wiz
heard this track the other day called "Stay High - Hippie Sabotage (Tove Lo Flip)" and thought, "this could be a hot song if Wiz Khalifa spit some verses on it. maybe did a collabo with lil wayne". i have nothing to do with the music. just thought it be dope and decided to share.

WIZFAN541's picture

Wiz needs to come to the north west!! TGOD!

OwenCScott's picture

<dear Cameron
your my ideal i love to love the hige live all the time ha u could say i have hige standerds ha lol whod love for u to do a ture in Scotland whod make my day ha peace TGFL !

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We turned up friday night at usf homecoming wish i was closer maybe i woulda jumped on stage wit that boy ttfu

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wiz you are the don jefe TGOD

ChanttellePeake's picture

Hey wiz i met u in Manchester on the 27th of September i gave u gifts in green what u think of those ? @chanttellePtgod

benderw's picture

Wiz by your example I am I compose gangsta rap. That's just one song. Help me please. see At least the text. Assess. I'm your not that what idol of. You're just real guy. You have good rep. Your opinion is important to me, maybe you will like

DominikTaylorFreitag's picture

Hej Wiz you are great man i drove in a other country only to see you...
Please come to austria

need7's picture

Yo real talk wiz. Im a chill dude that thinks you are doing great. I would love to have the chance to talk to you. Most niggas aint real anymore nice to have a chat with one that knows some shit.

KhalifaNigga's picture

Sup Wiz :) love for you all the way from New Zealand! hahahaha hopefully you can one day come here and perform! :D

I_Cadzz's picture

Hey Wiz im from Jamaica..mayne youre respects down here really loud..its amazing...if you followed me on twitter ill be tha luckiest cancer patient @I_Cadzz

femalewolfvicki's picture

Hey, Wiz, my grandson has turned me into a big fan of yours! We listen to your stuff a lot! Yes, I said my grandson, I'm actually a great grandma, but I love your music!

tobe96's picture

wiz i can't wait to see you next tuesday in zurich. if you are out in the city then and i could see you there if only for a few minutes to take a picture or some shit this would be dope... if you'r out ther then pls let me knoow it.. @tobias_rueegg on instagram

kidd joe's picture

every thing dope gee

FLEXX's picture

Aye Khalifa, proud of you bro.


TEE GEE OHH DEE's picture

wiz you're my favorite rapper, I love you, I love your music I can not wait to see you at the zenith. Follow me please @AisstaK ♥

WizKhalifou's picture

Without your music, I would be nothing ...

prchalfant's picture

You're my influence man.. I can't tell you how much your music has effected me as a person. I've recently graduated from High School in Muncie, Indiana and throughout my High School career I would listen to you constantly. I've been put through constant stress with people judging me for who I'm not. I've had so many people call me the "drug dealer" or the "druggie" of the school just because I appreciated you and what you are doing with your career. So later in my senior year I guess since I liked your music and liked to cope with my stress through smoking, word got to the faculty and they searched me with no parental consent at the time. I felt like I was being bullied just because of how I looked and how I presented myself. But I couldn't have cared less. As long as I had your music to keep me going and hearing you talk about your life on some youtube videos here and there, I was as happy as can be. Life has been better since graduation since I'm a free man now, but I'm still waiting for the day I get to meet my idol. You're doing great things Wiz! Peace!

tiamartinxo's picture

Wizzy <33
can't wait to hear your new music !

Esequiel Fermín Martínez's picture

Hey Wiz u are my idol, I always wake up with your songs everyday, here in Dominican Republic u got a lot of fans!!!

Ron_TGOD's picture

TGOD!!! I'm growing a strain called "2050" !!! When its done get at me via email man!!! Much love!

Denisetgod's picture

love you,just this.

smokieboy564's picture

wiz is the shit!!!

richard swart's picture

omg best rap maker ever come to sanford:)

richard swart's picture

omg best rap maker ever come to sanford:)

RosaTL's picture

The best singer. Come to Spain please #TGOD

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I love you so much, your my idol. #tgod

SebastianUrbanski's picture

hi can you tell me where can i get vip tickets for under the influence tour in manchester uk #TGOD

Eminex's picture

Hi Wiz!
I'm waiting for You in Poland, You are the best rapper on the world!


Rakets's picture

You need to come to galicia,spain we are alot of TGOD And we will invite you to good weed ;)

RulerRipp's picture

The rest of yall shud google me. I got videos and songs with project pat (juicy j brother) follow me on twitter i swer i follow back

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Wuzzup Wiz its ya homey Ruler Ripp yea its really me, Tion. U aint got Tennessee no time soon. Heres the Math in case u forgot it breh. Four one four two four three three two seven three

josh_fox_boi's picture

Taylor....? or die. Wiz brah you need to get to saint Petersburg FL

CharleyFrost's picture

Gettt yaaa ass to Spain mane,there millions off Taylors here !TGOD.

TheNextTailoredProdigy's picture

yoo bro do a surprise show in Phoenix that'd make my year bruh!

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Im feeling so weak for your concert in Dallas. Someday ill get to meet you, hopefuly. Follow me on twitter @theprettyoneeee

Justawesome96's picture

Cnt wait for your concert at Brixton o2 academy on the 26th Dude !!! TGOD

wiz&#039;s GD's picture

I'll be so happy if u follow me @YoungWizzle237 on twitter

wiz&#039;s GD's picture

Wiz i don't know if u care bout all this,but if u get this i want u to know that im all TGOD n i'd like to join ur gang in anyway.I want u to be my mentor in all ways(rapping;smoking;ballin etc...).Hope the "Bash" n fam are good

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check out my new song