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Been a WIZ Fan for yrs.....b4 blk &yellow....when wiz was brought to me when he came out wit "say yeah, ink my whole body, etc"......anyhow im a young mother of two wit a step daughter and one on the way, currently in school for pharmacy tech, just working on succeeding my goals. My fiance is a writer and singer and i support him to the fullest but I represent wiz to the fullest as well!(me and my bros) anyhow keep up wit the greatness Wiz! Imma real true fan here! :* smooches! TAYLOR!!!!
Moreno Valley
United States


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how you doing?...

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I'm a faithful woman and thats not something I no thanks...I'm on here for wiz not to meet people and mingle like that!

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heyhow r u my name ias Ryan wanted to know if we can email eachother email me at rsrpsmitty6@gmail .com send me some pics

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Listening to my wiz mix while doing school work! everyone have a fun and safe weekend. TGOD!

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Hi dear,

Happy to write on your profile comment via

I am a single female seeking for honest frienship. I love music and nature and I'm a creative person.
my ambition is to become a medical Doctor in future!And I can't wait for the future to bright. whatever it holds!!
I have been a fan for sometime now! And I love being a part of this wonderful family!!I beleived that being a part of this family we makes me feel special! To be continue with important dialog.

Pls contact Email: (

Yours new friend.