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    (04 Oct '10)

    Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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on Oct 04, 2010 at 16:39PM

Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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I think International delivery should be 2 weeks max? 4-6 weeks puts people off buying things as they might want something little and because it takes 4-6 weeks people decide to go to Ebay and getting the equivalent for the same price with maybe 4-6 days delivery instead of weeks! I believe if you change shipping time your business and profits will increase vastly.

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No se imagina que es tener que esperar a que se duerman todos para poder Smoke un poco...

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Men ponme de camello en cualquier lado.!

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WIZ... Taylor gang....
Bogota colombia ....
Por favor men. tengo Weed colombiana :D
Le gustara pero sáqueme de aquí Men....

jorge andres's picture

Una respuesta men....

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Men mi mama me atormenta...
Quiero fumar WEED por siempre....
WIZ cuanto daria por ver alguien de su banda que viniera por mi... Trabajos sucios haria por usted :O
sacame de mi casa...

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Wiz Buenos dias...
Tengo 16 años y quiero irme de casa...
Solo peleas con mi familia por fumar mi weed ♥
Quiero irme a un lugar donde no me molesten por hacerlo. como ya lo habia dicho antes, no veo porque no usarla ... me abre la mente ...
wiz porfavor ayuda.. Me iria ya Mismo para donde sea..
Ponme a trabajar en cualquier cosa. Cualquier. sueno desesperado pero enserio ya no aguanto mas...

Gracias men. desde Colombia... QUIERO IRMEE!
Mi heroe Wiz Khalifa ♥

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Porfavor... ya no aguanto a mi mama... saquenme de aqui...
Wizz... ...

jorge andres's picture

Wiz mi Puto Heroe lo amo.
Wiz dejaría mi Casa por convivir con Usted... mi madre quiere separarme de la Weed y quiero un lugar donde poder fumar en paz... No veo porque no Usarla.. ...
Wiz colaboreme me iría ya Mismo para donde sea. saludes desde Colombia!
por favor Respondeme! (y)

mattg's picture

Just keep it real Wiz....I'll keep spreadin your shit everywhere! Smoke til i die.

SmokeWeedAllDay's picture

if wiz really reads these messages i would just like to say that wiz you are my hero cuz u itterally have the life. i can hear your songs over and over again. my dream is to meet you in person and have a conversation with you. i love you wiz your my hero i hope you read this because i would love to meet you. i love your music and i think your the best rapper ever

weedjhay's picture

smoke.. weed. yeah :))

DillonVarela's picture

Ay Wiz No Suggestions Keep Doing You're Thing,Although i Would Like To see You Live The Only Concert You Do In NY Is Near The City Next time You Should come Upstate More haha. btw S.W.E.D I Would Love To Kick It On Your Tour Bus.

em.aR's picture

Wiz and aLL the TayLor Gang I'LL wait you aLL here in the Philippines man!.. yeah!.. : )

cozmo489's picture

wiz khalifa shouls stop by south holland ,IL 60473

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lourenco's picture

Wiz comes to Portugal

PascalLyricallyinclineJackson's picture

that song is sooo fuckin sick i like it

Vinicius Bisineli's picture

When Wiz come to Brazil???

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bongmaster420's picture

Not sure who is gonna see this but here goes. Im 17 years old and tryna get into the music buisness. Music is my life and I have always felt that I have the talent to go hard but im having hard time tapping into that talent. Wiz you have been one of my greatest inspirations to get this music career rollin and just thought if maybe this reached you it would open an opportunity to get a few tips from the big cheese. If this really does make it too you I hope you would have the time to throw some words of advice but if not its cool I understand you are busy and shit. Thanks for the time, TGOD! Email:

NathanielRivera's picture

wiz khalifa is the best.

gardardj's picture

i like weed

Younes31's picture

Wiz Khalifa finds a way to talk to me live please!

VictorVarricchio's picture

Please Wiz come to Brazil!! u have a lot of fans here... we all really want to go see u here

EdselRakshot's picture

good night

juancho's picture

Good Night

juancho's picture

Wiz Khalifa <3' I Love

MatheusGiovanniMouraChemello's picture

My name is Giovanni I'm 16 and I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I love the songs from Wiz'm a fan! I wonder when it comes to Brazil?

BárbaraMoreira's picture

Please come to Portugal