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Do You Think Amber Rose is good for Wiz?!!!!!


on May 12, 2011 at 13:34PM

I uv

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Of course>> she's beautiful & seems so kind hearted, and pure.
My baby WiZ is Top notch sexii, so he needs a Top notch chick on his arm as well, & Amber definately is a perfect 10....all around. super hot!!!

Love them together

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Soo I think Khalifa likes Amber Rose cuzz he got a tattoo on his hand!! = S
But I thiink that Amber Rose has nothiing to do wiith Khalifa, and shee iis a liittle biitch Yooh! LOL

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Yes , Becausee Theyy Digg Eachotherr Andd I Thinkk Theyy Couldd Makee A Futuree Togetherr ( Hopefully :) Plus , Wiz Treats Her Such Like A Princess Andd I Think That's What Girl Shouldd Be Treatedd Like .

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no .

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by the way he talks about her and their relationship i can sense that wiz truly cares about her even to the point of wanting to settle down with her one day but i hope he's careful and doesn't give his heart away too easily...that said i think she's probably a sweet girl who feels the same way he does but it's just the way she presents herself that makes people question how wholesome she really is...i do think him and cassie would be cute together though especially since he used to have a crush on her

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yea they are

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She cool but she not me lol JK

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It is..what it is...the Chick is FXKKIN HIM****luckkkyyyyy!!!!!hahahahahahaaaaAmber Rose Lucky BXTCH''

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Yes, I belive that they will make pretty babies and will have wonderful life atleast name one Taylor or my name Alexandria.

Best wishes from one of your future model friend

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iBelieve As Long As She Makes Him Happy Then Thts All Tht Matters ! They are Happy In Love && His Mother LOVES Her So Hey, Let Them B Budd If She Hurts My Wiz Then We Will Take it from There Budd U Cant get in Thee Middle of Affairs Of Thee heart ! =) One Love !

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fuuckk yeah, perfecto

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not at all

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I luv u wiz i just dont want you to get know she still talkin to kanye