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What's are your thoughts on Wiz' new collaboration with The Weeknd? Do you think they pulled off a hit???


on Sep 26, 2012 at 13:53PM
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Wiz I've been saying this for years 1 day soon....I'ma do a song with you....and it's going to be EPIC!!!!....Mark my words...underline them bro...I'm ridin on that jet soon....

Hooter's picture

Idk about hit but good music

ryanharr20taylorG's picture

I think The Collaboration between Wiz and The Wk_end was pretty dope, knowing Wiz is huge chasing that paper and collaborating with lots of artist and is well known

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Wiz dude you did it again, you are the best rapper of this century. he represents what it is to be free and without oppression, back here in Africa there is no such thing and thats the reason i like what ever he does and with who ever he does it with. T.G.O.D 4 LYF!!!


it is a nice track and i think with time they are going to make it as a hit

iDamn's picture

all of wiz songs can hit my soul

PrinceONIFC_'s picture

wiz is The Realist aND mY fAVORITE Rapper I listen to Everysong of His.I smoke Weed And Nigga Dont Bang TAYLORGANG fuck YOUR MOTHERFUCKIN SELF tRUU sHIT tAYLOR'D

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Wiz is going hard like always getting his,
taylor gang all the way!! i got every album
dope is the word. Wiz keep you head up and
keep on killin em with the sick flo bro.

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please can wiz change that new hair style he is doin its so ugly

Young MHB's picture

Ya thaz a great thing wiz is doin since he is flying high.

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i mean i love wiz ima a taylor but the whole collabration is not a hit because its not his best

amani nael's picture

Yes because u got The Weeknd beautiful vocals also u have Wiz Khalifa dope rhymes the song is just dope. #TaylorGangOrDie #TGOD

Stickyy's picture

Wizz Reallt Killed Itt .. He's Creative In A Everything He Do And That MAke Him Differentt From All The Rappers .. Having The Gutt To Stayy Reall And Make Good Music .

Dennis Khalifa's picture

dope af,nice lyrics and a freaking nice beat

Mikas's picture

its relaxing with a joint or without, doesnt matter, its good

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#RememberYou was #Dope! Shots fired #Bang I only the one #TaylorGang

CJae_StarGang907's picture

that collab was awesome the weekend is a great new singer he was on point on his sound and wiz you already know wiz did his part his flow went good with the song it had that grown folk sound my favorite part was ( light years pass the class hit it dont have to pass)

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wiz khalifa live in ghana!!!!!

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i like you products

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something like a contractor building from the ground ya ey had ahit's picture

when i first heard the track i was very impressed its on a new level it shows his growth and why people have grown to his music. He is one of the coolest dudes out there. With work ethic that deserves the life he has now. As for the weeknd he balanced out the track perfectly.

Stickyy's picture

ONIFC !!! Hell Yeahh .. Wiz Is Definitelyy Deserve A Standing Ovation On That Shittt ...

JayTrueBennett's picture

Best Rapper ever

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Everybody go get ONIFC !!!! crazy. wiz & the weeknd collab was beautiful good song.

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hell yea i liked wiz music ever since deal or no deal,and flight school so of course the song going to be a hit

Rasta's picture

Song is very creative and unique!! Wiz Khalifa does it Again!!

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Awesome Wiz Khalifa always is the best his lyrics his voicee daaamn is INCREIBLEEE :D 2 WORDS T.G

Tai-ZelCoulanges's picture

amazing the video is scary tho....keep it up thoo

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He Did A 100 on that