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contact wiz khalifa


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    (08 Feb '11)

    how can i contact the actual wiz khalifa, not people that work for him though

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on Feb 08, 2011 at 20:06PM

how can i contact the actual wiz khalifa, not people that work for him though

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Good luck

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yung khalifa aint got time for u guys


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a im a wiz khalifa wanna be and it would be awesome if you could reply something good back and can you settle a concert in foley

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follow me on twitter @kenny hernandez or its @taylorgkennyh i dont even know its a tripp but yhea follow me please

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tgod for life

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Yo G Im a huge fan of ur u da best rapper ever!

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send him a postcard :))

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For real tho

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yo wiz I got something you would be into im trying to go to school to grow weed and I was hopeing you would like to help and I will hook u up some badass plants ones I get the shit I need to do it I have looked for a teacher and if u could teach me or snoop that would be bad ass I wont to be a qalifyed grower of snoop dogg master kush lol sound like the best smoke ever hahah hell ya straight blazzin

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you wiz my name is Camden im from warsaw Indiana it would be chill if u came out here and did a show somewhere near by and I know you hear this all the time but it would be tight if u could hook me up with some back stage pass's and I will blow down with ya hahah lmfao that would make my year later

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Try this speak a Language only they call an Accent. Shout out to Kendrick Lamar.

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Wiz men, PLEASE come to greece sometime we really want to meet you me and my firends. TGOD!

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Wiz i have been 3 to your shows now, they keep getting better and better, someday i hope to actually meet you and hang with you, Chevy, Juicy, Berner and Light and the rest of Taylor Gang, i rep Taylor Gang Every day and sometimes people ask why I do so much haha. Well I hope there is a new tour after the 2050 tour, i will be getting meet and greet tickets to that. Thank you for all you music. It gets better and better, and O.N.I.F.C is going to be a great album. follow me on twitter @dstripp24.

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Wiz, When you come to providence, to the dunkin' donuts center. Listen out for a person going by kushkid or kidkush. that's me, and i would like to match, and hangout with my favorite artist. or contact my email, hope to hear.

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Mention him on twitter lol

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i have all his posters around my room .

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i love wiz

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Wiz fans follow me on twitter @camerondonlodge I twitter all the info about wiz constantly

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You are the best! Love your songs, your style, your smile and you know what we want. <3

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Love love you Wiz!
I'm not an american but i'm an cameroonian i love you so muchh don't imagine i've problem for speaking to you because i speak french but i just wanna say that i love you much you and your songs my friends Laught at me for that but i continue Listenin you every days! Je t'aime

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I want to thank you for even considering this. I know it's difficult for you, and there must be thousands of requests like mine but I am such an appreciative fan of yours and would love the opportunity to meet you before or after your performance at Red Rocks in Colorado on September 1st. I plan on arriving hours before the crowd in hopes of getting this chance and hours afterward as well. I can't wait to finally see you perform live!

A loyal fan.
Catalina Berry


yo wiz khalifa i aint tryna dick ride or nun but u my nigga rep dat tgod all day everyday hmu

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Not sure who is gonna see this but here goes. Im 17 years old and tryna get into the music buisness. Music is my life and I have always felt that I have the talent to go hard but im having hard time tapping into that talent. Wiz you have been one of my greatest inspirations to get this music career rollin and just thought if maybe this reached you it would open an opportunity to get a few tips from the big cheese. If this really does make it too you I hope you would have the time to throw some words of advice but if not its cool I understand you are busy and shit. Thanks for the time, TGOD! Email:

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Hell ya my too I give a shout out to wiz my nigga germ will Chevy n all taylor gang I keep one roll alway then light it for wiz kuz it good weed

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i wanna smoke a LOT OF WEED with WIZ & chill with the whole taylor gang !!! thats my dream for real

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Female rapper from Louisiana...if you're looking for a new artists hit me up 225-229-4755

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JUST LIKE JIMI: 40 Years Gone Tribute Song

You could make this Song HUGE....the lyrics came to me in a dream as if Jimi Hendrix himself whispered them in my ear. The soulful, haunting, eerie vocals evoke all that is JIMI.

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I know u probably not boutta listen to this but I got talent and a daughter to feed,so ima my send shit to everyday cuz I know u would fuckz wit it. I'm just a nigga wit a dream that im not boutta give up on. Here go the link to my mixtape,hopefully u fuckz wit it