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I talked to wiz on chat roulette last night,


on Jul 11, 2011 at 12:31PM

We were both smoking.

We were chill as fuck.

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AllenWooten's picture

hay what is up

medihisoka's picture

how can i do it ? :3

PrinceONIFC_'s picture

How do we Talk to him

GmoneyyWilliams's picture

I feel that ill be there soon

CamdenDutton's picture

straight blazin listening to wiz and bustin out some rimes

-Neka♥'s picture

How ?

Jay Mtz's picture

Aha nicee storry bruh.

Christian Ellis's picture

I don't believe that!

Ruby Jhaay's picture

Where Can I Find Him Onlinee ? ! :D
I Wannaa Chat With Him Too ! ;O Lol .

Khalifa Girl's picture

Chat men? Oh Good, wht chaat?! I want 2!! LOL
I'll see him but on 9 November in London XD

ohaigennabear's picture

I also talked to Snoop dog the next morning. What are the odds? I don't know, but they were both legit as fuck, not recordings or gifs.

taylorgang_10's picture

damb thats fuckin awesome shit so yu jus met him outta no where

ohaigennabear's picture

Randomly on chat roulette lol. and he told me to check out his tour, which is next wednesday and now i'm going haha.

Khalifa Girl's picture

Really ? How ?