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Pittsburgh is looking for the prince


on Oct 11, 2010 at 19:14PM

Wheres that tour date at for pittsburgh. or am i missing something

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keep it G! go to my fan page to get tour dates and times, including Pittsburgh dates

GotRay's picture

any idea where @ in the Burgh?

TGoD_Sterbz's picture

December 16th Wiz Khalifa will be performing in Pittsburgh (confirmed)

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Yo he isnt donig the waken baken tour in the burgh, he has a performance before 2011 though (dec 16th i belive) in tha burgh.

his last stop on the tour is boston on november 21st i believe.

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Yeah I know. Me and alotta my dudes wanna go to Wiz concer tbut the closest show is in columbus and its like on a tuesday. The next closest one is Allentown and its like a 6 hour drive. When is he comin back to the 412?

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oh my bad.. im goin to the boston show so i dont really no about pitssburgh.. sorry

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thats across the state bro.

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Nov16Crocodile Rock Cafe
Allentown, PA