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When Wiz funna be Up In MIAMI? I needa knoww....


on Oct 14, 2010 at 17:18PM


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TGoD_Sterbz's picture

if you want him to go down in Miami find a promoter with cheese and set up a date when his tour is finished.... That's all i can say to yall true taylors if you wanna see ya boy in your city you gotta put it work and find those promoters that got cheese to get him in your hometown

MixedChica☜Taylor☆Gang☞'s picture

yea when he gonna travel down here to miami n yea it will be epic when he come

Willie Harris's picture

yea dat kinda sucks but evrybody who anybody comes to miami itz jus gone be epic when he do make it down hea

TGoD_Sterbz's picture

Probably not till 2011 fool.