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Average: 4.9 (332 votes)
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Apr 23, 2012 at
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Luv4ginny's picture

Yes, Sir!!!

joannv27's picture

love this cd, paperbond and initiation my favorite songs

Lapurpwiz1fan's picture

My boo did his thang when he made this album especially up in it I love that song babyyyy

Luv4ginny's picture


Mugi's picture

ONIFC best album ! Wiz is the best

TGODWK's picture

TGOD! Fuckin Love You Wiz no homo lol

Wiz Dupree's picture

Yo Khalifa keep doing yur thing man . Im one of yur biggest fan ! I Watch every day to day & listen to every one of yur songs & interviews ! Yuh brought back real music & for that I want to say thank yuh .

raydogg91's picture

O.N.I.F.C. is a good album Rolling Papers was better to me #TGOD

YungCyMc's picture

WE WANT YUNG KHALIFA BACK.your my favorite rapper wiz i always listen to your old stuff. if the TAYLORS think he should come back REPLAY please. ONE MORE ALBUM OF YUNG KHALIFA

dopewizfan's picture

supa sick man keep doin what u doin im in love wit dis song and can you come to atlanta, GA to perform