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    (04 Oct '10)

    Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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on Oct 04, 2010 at 16:39PM

Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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WIZ AND CREW... you need to sort your store out.. Dayeem you should have a least a little bit of a choice in in there.. I was looking for some jeans maybe some tops, similar to what you wear.. iv already got some now but would of been sick if they had your name on the tag... Food 4 thought... respect from Taylors in the UK..

King Evil Nhoj's picture

cool video i'm proud of you khalifa. looking up to smoking one very large bolala with u, hahahaha ya

KellyOlayaArenas's picture

i loveeeeddd Let It Go.... ♥ ♥ ♥ ♪

OinkArt's picture

Yeeeohhhh!!! Wiz is a graff writer now!!! i love it!! i own Fresh Paint brand designer spray paint, if Wiz is a writer, he needs to be using real writer paint! please email me our demand and street credibility is so high we sponsor no one, but we'd love to work with ya'll. email me and let's talk more. james , owner, & . my email

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RfcHustleDcv's picture

im choke loving! :) hahahaha super drunk

malik AKA Black Daddy's picture

HELL no mrfurkr im dunk

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limmonnel's picture

My name's Andra and I'm from Romania. I made an account on and also for taylor gang membership because I want to buy a t-shirt but there's a problem: my country IS NOT on the list at ''billing address'' section. So what can I do because I want that t-shirt badly for my 18 birthday. Please help me ASAP. Thank you:)

BrysonA.Rider's picture

What it do!!? When are you going to update the Taylor Gang website???

LannyBakerJr.'s picture

wiz u should come to pittsburg thats were i live i love ur shit and u say u gonna quit smoking weed but we all know u aint u just cant lol

aaron wilson's picture

come to northern ireland and smoke weed with me :p

JasonDunn123's picture

hey wiz i just got to say you are the best and i wish you good luck with your kid.

Djdc2wannaberapperhopingforsucess's picture

Dear Wiz Khalifa,
I am writing this because i need your help in achieving my goals i am 13 year old Daine Charles who loves rapping an writing songs i hope you can help its your decision i really need this if you can contact me at 519 499 6712 or email me at hope you can help and bless to your family keep on the good job

LilCmoney's picture

hey im 12 and i love writing songs and rapping ill get in touch with you see what i could do

w2t4g8's picture

wiz hello I am one of your biggest fans .. and heard from prince of the city to O.N.I.F.C .. I would like to ask you a question please respond .... is true that there will be cd taylor gang, and when they will put on sale .... ONIFC is biggier

Rurdo's picture

Hey Wiz!
Please come to the "Donauinselfest" in Vienna, Austria!
It´s the Biggest Open-Air Festival in Europe!!!!!
It´s from 22. to 24 June 2013!
Best Regards

PS: I´m on my Level...

Eddman's picture

Yao Wiz, Lets make a track, feat me. hehe.
I'm bored, hire me Wiz, I'll do anything. ! Btw keep it up bro. !

Rayanne95's picture

Well I ur biggest fan but one thing I never seen yu in concert but wish yu can come to Cannonball, North Dakota for my cousins Memorial Basketball Tournament, also my big brother wants to meet yu. Everybody says he looks just like yu and and I'm begging yu to come to Cannonball, North Dakota to sing a couple f ur songs. Everybody down in my town are really big fans and I can't name one person that don't like ur music. So please do us a favor and come to Cannonball, North Dakota :)

BrunoAlexandre's picture

wiz khalifa'm a boy short that you live in Brazil in the state of sao paulo itu is my city and I wanted to walk with you as your parseiros Mec extend Miller sound tanbem Faso rap have dreams of being just like you hope one day I am like you I discolado tanbem burn a back loko I travel a lot in his songs, my family supports me not to be like you more because I do not care what do inporta is partnership and happiness and I want to be blessed as you are and how your says tattoo on his left hand so I want you to answer my q request not know for certain that I'll regret it bro ...

MicheleCarterForte's picture

And please come to Italy!!!!! <3 we love you wiz!

MicheleCarterForte's picture

hello wiz I am one of your greatest fans, I swear, you're the best! I always feel, when I'm sober and when i blast a joint <3thank you for your rhymes wiz <3

Levi&#039;sLeiiDiplomate's picture

hi wiz khalifa these aristide me I'm one of your fans ... rap?

JoaquínPaezMor's picture

im from uruguay, come to southamerica please, im a fan , love, peace and weed

MatthewFeix's picture

Repping N hale high what up wiz

HakeemSlowBurningNeal's picture

I Think Wiz Should Do A Show In MISSISSIPPI...!!!

Stickyy's picture

Well The Page Is Definitely Dope .. Very Creative On The Organisation ... I Think Your Need To Putt Upp The Amount Of Viewer's This Page Possesd And Let Other's Know More About Wiz .. Turn Upp Turnn Upp

GabeSilveira's picture

wats up wiz im one of ur fans from tha bay area i ALWAYS play ur music when im sober and high lol u and chevy,juicy j, and whover shows up on ur mixtapes are dope as well unfortunately ive never been to 1 of ur concerts but hopefully that'll change this year. when i do show up im definitly asking u if u wana smoke or anything related to that haha but have a happy taylor christmas !

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wish I Knew Wiz

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Taylor Gang