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Apr 23, 2012 at
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Albo4444's picture

I don't know if you actually read these, but keep up what you do. I enjoy listening to your music, and hope I'll one day be where you're at in the music industry.


GeorgiaTGOD's picture

I don't think I know I am the biggest female wiz fan! I have the tattoos to prove it! Cameron Jabril Thomaz legend! Will go down in major history! Can't wait till 26th of September get to see wiz again!!! Can't waittttttt!

sfakter's picture

wiz khalifa   uae

malik AKA Black Daddy's picture

what ever the fuck that means

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99santillan's picture

work hard play hard ♪ el mejor niggaaaaaaaaass

BaboSe7en's picture

You are the King of all above all the princce،، WIZ KHALIFA،،

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TiagoCarvalho's picture

tgod brasil

nicky honey7's picture

youre the best yet cuz keep it coming from youre oldest tgod member come to new zealand wizz you havent smoked the higest thc smoke till ya do i got it for you any time cuz thanks for the music and to your family for sharing you hanging to see you live will be brining my six boys with me when you come :)