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Wiz Khalifa x Arab Muzik Freestyle


on Nov 23, 2010 at 13:12PM

Arab Muzik manned the MPC while Wiz dropped a freestyle live on Invasion Radio. Check it out above!


DJ Blondie's picture

hahahaha fckin live muzik and the man himself spittin of the top! The world turnin' the weed burnin'! ahaha i wanna see more of that shit!
Mr. Spacely2's picture

Dis nigga can throw beats live like it aint shit man wurd. Wiz killed it goin off the top like that...Dey did a Hunnid on that one. Taylor Gang in this Bitch Follow Me @Mr_Spacely2
RookieDakid's picture

this shit was raw 420 Approved My Nigga Cheaa