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Wiz Chops It Up With


on Oct 14, 2010 at 13:34PM caught up with Wiz to discuss his fanbase, the cycle of rap music, pop producers vs. his hometown beatmakers (whom appeared on Kush & Orange Juice) and more! Read up.


taylor gang4life_3's picture

taylor gang or die looking for some black and yellow taylor
C-Money's picture

Skinny nigga and he "tat" "tat" tattedup
dayshanay's picture

yur official but i think it shud be apple juice and kush maybe piff lmaos wake and bake fool
Glenn Campbell's picture

Wiz u puttin shit down for the and yellow is poppin...nigga need to get down wit u and ya crew i got got something sick for the remix hit me uphow ever u can find me