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NEW MERCH: Varsity Zip Hoodie x T.G.O.D. Drip Logo Sweatshirt


on Mar 17, 2011 at 16:53PM

Two HOT new items just went up for sale in Wiz' official webstore. Make sure to check out the Taylor Gang or Die Drip Logo Sweatshirt (Black) and the Formation Custom Varsity Zip Hoodie. The sweatshirt is made of an 80/20 cotton/polyester to keep you looking AND feeling cool. The hoodie is simply OFFICIAL with "Taylor Gang" sketched in the back, and hidden in the left sleeve is a pocket to stash your stash. DOPE. Head to Wiz' official webstore for more info on these hot new items.


rezidents's picture

Please more of the yello and black! Need it.!
weedgermany's picture

yes please make more Formation Custom Varsity Zip Hoodie i realy need and want one *_*
Jessi Porté's picture

hello I would like to know are that there is a site that I order the black and yellow teddy zip thank you
Jelle Pera's picture

I want the Formation Custom Varsity Zip Hoodie too! Please get some more, i wanna wear it when i go to the Rolling Papers Tour in Holland!
Megan Herberger's picture

I NEED FORMATION CUSTOM VARSITY ZIP HOODIE!!! Please get more of them I didnt get mine quick enough and now they are gone
Annaliese's picture

is the Formation Custom Varsity Zip Hoodie sold out? :( anywhere I can get it?
Alexis suin's picture

Whats is your payments?
BlowinPurpleClouds's picture

your site is not accepting my payments