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Wiz Khalifa_1000


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Wiz Khalifa


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My goal in life is to smoke with you!

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Im High as fucc! LOL

PatHardy's picture

I just want my music to be herd......

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U got an instrumental for that Runaways joint? one wit the beat on that bruh bruh, smooth.

Nageki's picture

I keep smoking while listening your song. Call me next time you come in France, we'll go smoking together haha.

jedubel2's picture

I was searching out some music and found a song that would be most dope if you rapped over it I'm sure you get this a lot but check it out it's really good chrome sparks-marijuana

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You're my religion Wiz!! Come in Italy :D

Rurdo's picture

Hey Wiz!
Please come to the "Donauinselfest" in Vienna, Austria!
It´s the Biggest Open-Air Festival in Europe!!!!!
It´s from 22. to 24 June 2013!
Best Regards

PS: I´m on my Level...

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wiz voce veio no brasil não tive oportunidade de ir ao show mais na proxima ves com certeza vu estar la on my level

TiagoMarçal's picture

wiz you came in Brazil have not had the opportunity to go on the show over the next will not lose

MeganAnne's picture

basically im probably your youngest fan I do nothing but listen to your music and listen to mac and dev, I drew a uber cool drawing of you also yesterday cant wait to share it! I love you!!!

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wiz khalifa no brasil muitoo loko!!

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All i want to say I love taylor Gang and youre amazing songs.

polaaa's picture

the best singer in the world.. I write everywhre and say to everybody TGOD. They say that yo're shit, I say they should close their fucking mouth. Love u.

Elias1997lello's picture

iam 15 years old my dream is me and you and all taylor gang member going out have fun some tour and be a taylor member i hope its come true i love you so fucking much!!

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yooo you should come to my country niggaaa

lovely805gurl's picture

Hey Wiz, Its lovely805gurl. I hope yuu liked my letter to yuu just telling yuu how I feel and how much Taylor Gang means to mee :)Will yuu follow me on Twitter? @lovely805gurl THANKS

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im a real taylor i have three shirts and three sweatshirts, a necklace a wristband and all wiz and chevys songs.

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it's hard to explain what its like to find an all around msuician like you. i mean half the time i put aside your music and jus think about how real you are jus as a human being. its not jus your music its the whole fucking lifestyle. i RARELY care enough about other rappers to do more than listen to their music because its always jus a dissapointment to findout how fake they are. but i swear i can jus sit and watch random interviews of you and shit cus your jus so down to earth and respectable. seriously... what other rappers are as real as you, but at the same time can be a caring husband and father. thats what trully makes you such a respecable man. i look up to you bro! even though your the reason all my wraps and rellos are stale as shit. so i guess my suggestion would be to keep doin you, and hopefully everybody else will catch up later.

Rasta's picture

I am a 21yr old working hard producer my goal is to produce for wiz and chevy and to hang out with the taylor gang in PA. TGOD

Mil's picture

15 yr old producer, my goal is to produce for wiz and chevy and to hang out with the taylor gang in LA. TGOD