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Wicked Thee Maverick 36


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Wicked Thee Maverick
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Born in the city of Gardena,Ca. I am 19 years old I moved to texas when i was 5 years old,I lived in a broken home growing up all i knew was roaches and hungry stomachs with my mom and little brother,I never had a stable living to make friends we moved from apartment to apartment and from school to school i started getting in trouble at 12 years old i got arrested for the first time and sent to alternative schools and expelled and so on throughout my life im not gonna say anymore but my past has made me the person i am today i chose and i knew the differences of my decisions and it would affect all i dream of is to become a successful music artist but im being held back because im helping my mom pay the bills of her house and tryna give my brother what we never had i want to buy a house for my mom on a ranch and pay for my little brothers college and make a life for myself..ill do whatever i have to to become my dream whatever i choose i will deal with the consequences good or bad....LOOK THROUGH MY EYES AND TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE
MMA,Poetry,write lyrics,Rap,spend time with the homies
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Taylor Gang,Dpg,triple 6 Mafia,Deathrow,Nwa,HPG,MMG,
United States
Christian Dallas Gallegos
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