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Tia Martin
About Me: 
Wooo hello (: my name is Tia-Siana, Tia for short, i live in a large town (not quite a city yet) called Karratha in WA, i work at the visitors centre here and i love it ! i am 17 and a huge Wizzy fan (: he inspires me, when i am upset his music always cheer me up, i am a very fussy person when it comes to music and i hate artists who sing about pointless thing or nothing , yes wizzy sings about getting high and other stuff that isnn't very relevant but he is just so good at it ! he has such an amazing voice like he can sing and rap and has the sweetest singing voice, the day he releases a emotional song will be the day i will be the happiest person(: i like to draw, sing, write and other smaller things, my family is from New Zealand but we are currently in Aussie simply for the money (:
Western Australia
Drawing, Painting, Singing, Writing, Playing Rugby, Sleeping, Cooking
Favorite Bands: 
Wizzy of course! Lil Wayne Drake Chris Brown <33 they be my mains <33