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i was an serene man but when i puff a dope it makes me talkative LOL i wanna smoke weed but i dont have money to bought it and in our country its strictly illegal :( i was born at dec 13 1995 in City of Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao,Philippines then when i was 6 year's old mom take me in Bohol to my grandma (side of my mom), to study Nursery cuz there busy to take care on me and mama take me back in Cagayan de Oro to study ELementary , while im studying my mom and dad dont compatible they always have wars xD and while they talking LOUD ill go to my bedroom and faqing HEAR LOUD WORD OF SHIT , then when i was in high school i always downcast , i finish straight 1st year to 3rd year , then starts in 3rd year i start drinking liqour in age of 15 so young kid :p and i fail after that i study again , liquor again no balance for school between gang and liquor and also fail (BIG FAULT)and i take summer study for my fail subject in 3rd year (3 fail subject) cuz 3 fail subject will not pass to 4th year xD and i do finish it , and goes to 4th year and have fail 4 subjects in 2nd grading (Middle Grading cuz 4th grading is the final grading xD) i give up after 7 months of studying cuz i always remember my mom before i go to school so tired of selling delivering food and i do nothing to help (SHIT REASON) . I was a Fool man eh , and that always back in my mind . i want to forget that full of foolishness of giving up . sharing too much xD
Cagayan de Oro City
wanna smoke weed , wanna drink liquor ,talk bullshits like its nothin . watching khalifa videos , watching prank, funny videos
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DeathRow , TGOD , Rebelution
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