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¥oung Commander


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Im a person full of ideas.I like listening to rap music more expecially my role model which is Wiz.Im a stoner and im proud of that,i also enjoy been with my hommies "THE TAYLORS" we will be smoking like 8 joints a day.Im a person whos always in a hunt for success and i know better that im a blessed nigger more than the other nuggers because i've got a special talent which is ROLLING PAPERS!Im a huge dreamer and selfish at the same time.I dont beg expecially towards 'em bitches..."IF A BITCH DONT GET FUCK,SHE GOTTA GO."Im a lazy person full of passion and i dont like to talk much because my words are meant for asking blunts and a lighter.True speaking bitches are way too over my limit,i cnt date my only mission is to fuck and smoke non than less.
Johannesburg vi@ springs
Chilex while in a process of kush mind,blazing up with my niggers,writing songs,watching movies:WEED MOVIES! And finally spending more time chating with my best mom
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Ahm...i spend my time in smoking and fucking!
South Africa
Simon moledi
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My favourite band is TAYLOR GANG and right now i've got no Twitter.