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Monica Angel


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Monica Angel
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I'm the type of person that likes to be around people and always have something to do. I hate being bored! I love my family and friends and keep them close to my heart! If you mess with my family or friends you mess with me! I can't stand liars and fakes so don't befriend me if you are one! Everything you do will eventually get back to you so be careful what you do! God is number one in my life followed by family and friends! I'm a strong believer in love whether it be between family or a significant other! Everyone is loved by someone and that we must remember! I'm no better than anyone else, we all make mistakes and no matter their severity we can be forgiven, by God or the hurt, if we truly are sorry! I give second chances but i never forget! I'm not perfect so I don't expect anyone else to be! I'm just a humble person trying to accomplish my goals!
El Paso
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Monica Christine Angel
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