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Mike LaShawn


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Mike LaShawn
About Me: 
Michael Stirtmire (born March 17, 1994 in Cleveland, Ohio), better known as Mike LaShawn is an American Rap and R&B singer, song-writer, and producer. He recently started recording music in December of 2011, beginning with a mixtape entitled "Simplicity", a practice run to get him warmed up in the fields of editing and producing his music. He refrains from lying in his music, and doesn't approve of those who imitate celebrities. He brings his own style into his music, one with soul, several feelings, emotions, and issues he, and many of his peers, face. Mike LaShawn cites Avant, Musiq Soulchild, Notorious B.I.G., Wale, and various R&B and Rap music artists from the 1990's and the early 2000's as his biggest influences and inspiration. He appreciates feedback and loves to hear ideas from his listeners. He is the underdog of this generation, steadly going against the current of his peers, trying to stop the path of destruction his friends and are caught in. "I love creating and listening to music, and through the music I create... I want to help make our generation something to be proud of." Michael has a track record of performing arts, including theater, musical theater, and playing bass guitar.
Acting, recording music (Rapping, singing, and combinations of the two), producing music for peers and colleagues, playing bass guitar, promoting myself and my music partners online.
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Wiz Khalifa's live band, Jay-Z's live band, Wale, Miguel, and more.
United States
Michael LaShawn Stirtmire Jr.
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Check me out, google: Mike LaShawn.