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Kirsty Eacott


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Kirsty Eacott
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Hey, i'm Kirsty :) i'm seventeen years old. Live in Bath & Devizes :) I love my life. my family & friends. I'm probably one of Wiz Khalifa's Biggest fans! i listen to his music every minute of everyday, i couldn't live without his music! Wiz Khalifa inspires me with all his quotes as well! His Rolling Papers album is defontley the best! i've listen to like all of his songs, including his old ones as well, mostly know all the lyrics, still learnings all of them! i plan to show him i'm the biggest fan aswell! He's gorgeous, i would love to marry him! His quotes literally explain how i feel in everyway possible, but he puts in so much better words then i would! THE BEST ARTIST I HAVE EVER HERD. i'm seeing him live November the 5th! be jealous bitches! I honestly can't wait, my tickets has came through the post, it's all my draw, treasured! Seeing him in Bristol - I'll be looking forward to thiss. his voice is like sex to my ears, literally. That is all.
United Kingdom
Kirsty Eacott


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