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KiD HitZ


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KiD HitZ
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KiD HitZ is an up-rising artist/producer with a humble, but versatile style. Living in the well-known city of Toronto, situations and experiences have come across which have inspired this young artist, to try and make a name for himself. Starting from the age of 11 years old, making beats was the starting point for "KiD HitZ". Being the known "Beat-Maker/Beat-Boxer" in elementary straight till high school, young "Jermain Jordan" realizes his talents with creating music, and putting together sounds would be something to drive with. Also continuing on his writing, "The $tarving Artist Mixtape*" which released December 26th, 2013 shows the versatility between his production and his mind state when it comes to hip-hop and life. Growing up with not much money, and living in metro-housing communities for most of his life, "HitZ" sets his sights on music very passionately. Going through common issues being in the urban parts of the city... Not being able to find employment throughout his life, relationship problems, and inner self-esteem issues challenge his journey. Self-Produced and Self-Engineered, "HitZ" explains his Life/Emotion/Mind. A trend he follows by, to explain that we all should "Live Life & Chase Dreams". The mixtape with an "Album Feel" is an introduction to the sounds of which "KiD HitZ" provides. Willing to push his creativity to the test, using emotions and life experiences, "KiD HitZ" portray's his music in ways everyone can understand and enjoy. With a positive, urban, humble image, "KiD" fights his way to the top through his dedication, providing a cool inspiring sound that almost everyone can relate to. Mixtape Link:
Live Life & Chase Dreams...
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Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, KiD CuDi, Joey Bada$$...
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