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I'm a die hard Wiz fan! I will be 21 in September and I have been in love with Wiz's music since I was 17. I am a senior in college and I also have a degree in Criminal Justice concentrated in corrections. On July 31,2013 my dreams came true when I was standing in the VIP line for the Under the Influence of Music Tour. I was telling a lady about how I was a huge fan of Wiz Khalifa and everything that I have been through this year, I could only afford a VIP lawn package at the time and she decided that she was going to give me her extra ticket in pavilion seats as well as her extra meet and greet ticket to meet Wiz. I am forever grateful to Ms Lisa because I was a complete stranger and she made my dreams come true. I REP THE TAYLOR GANG to the fullest
I write poetry, play the flute, and I listen to Wiz Khalifa all day everyday #TGOD
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Wiz Khalifa, ASAP Rocky, Tupac, T.I, Big Sean, Lol Wayne, Trinidad James,B.O.B and many more
United States
Gabrielle Symone´
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Big fan of Wiz! I am Michigan born and raised and I am almost 21 and a senior in college, I have a degree in Criminal Justice/ Corrections. I rep the Taylor Gang because Wiz has music that everyone can relate to even if they are not smokers like me. I fell in love with Wiz Khalifa when I was 17 and on July 31, 2013 I finally got to meet him at the DTE Music Theater before The Under The Influence of Music Tour :). #TGOD