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Eddy Weed


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Eddy Weed
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I'm a french dude, who lives in Marseille yeahh the Côte d'azur bitch !! But it's not so pretty that what people saying, that's the capital of the crime with a lot of murders every years ! The cause is the drug business almost everytime. That's why i hate this fuckin country !! They prefer to let people killed between them rather than find a solution, every drugs on the earth are not worth a human life !! Remind you that at base is natural it's a plant, i talk only for the Majijuana not for their fucking chimical drugs.. Finally i dreaming that one day the Medical Majijuana will be legalise here.. but come on dude it's just a dream, that's unthinkable.. One day, i think i would live in Californication for live fully my dreams ;). TGOD Bitch !!
Putting weed in a J, roll it up, inhale smoke and blow on it haters faces, at least they will more cheerful ! Hahaha, i smoke weed like i breathe dude, that's an everyday ;) and uhh i nearly forget Taylor Gang Or Die or also Taylor Gang or come live in France in the countryside !! Lool