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Big Ant' Boy


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Big Ant' Boy
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hi nice to meet ya.I'msunny
I want to know you.
u can add msn me pls
i have 2 msn

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nigga I'm from Brazil. born and raised in rio de janeiro and rap have always lived in my whole life has experienced many different things but never quit and I forgot what it is but I like singing and rapping with friends. guy here we have it all. women, samba, beaches, marijuana. skateboard
when I met the nigga wiz khalifa by music .. I say this guy is good and has a future. black and yellow when it launched arrived here in Brazil I was one of the first to find out and was already singing. dude I love it love it and want to live it with those who also want to .. snoop when he came to Brazil came in here in rio de janeiro lapa where I live and it was nice to everyone and said he wanted to return. bro when i saw snoop in front of me but I did not realize he was there. the video clip Beautiful .. khalifa brother I know you like green as well and I like it and my dream and be with you along with taylor .. if you really recognize that my dream ... help me please .. will lead us to the hydroponic we smoke. before I die I need you guys to know and sing a song with you. I really believe in god and believe you khalifa will fulfill my dream to be ae .. and logical when you want to come here to visit the river in Brazil tell me that agent will detonate all this shit here my nigga. believe me , Taylor gang or die !