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Real nigga and pardon whoever feels different. Im 17 years of age, with more than enough reasons to become successful. 5'11 from the ground up with hint of puerto rican and ecuadorian. I'm currently enrolled at john jay college but urging myself to find a new learning environment in the Institute of Audio Research.
Ozone Park
New york
As an upcoming artist, with the majority of my time. i write different forms of poetry, I can surprisingly sing to some extent. Probably heard this one before as well, "i rap". Well i sort of branched off and categorized myself as a lyricist. Many can say that they're Wiz Khalifa fans but, how many can say that he inspired their ambition. Man all i do is bump Wiz, straight like that. Big ups Wiz Khalifa and the entire taylor gang. Ya'll were that extra push a brother needed.
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Taylor Gang How fly boys Jet set The planes
United States
Francisco G. Chavez
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if i could work with anyone in the industry. it'd have to be wiz khalifa, not only for my business state of mind but to develop a proper and clear perception of the "game' as he would call it.