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Wiz&Amber get engaged?


on Apr 02, 2011 at 12:32PM

do u think it's true

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Im just sayin thats its kinda early in Wiz's career to settle down, but if he is then Congrats w/ Amber

Maxine's picture

he got her name tatted!!D:

jamil all bout taylor's picture

it mite be cause wiz got her tatted on him

mrsspacely22's picture

you can definitely tell he's smitten and reallly cares about her but I'm always suspicious of girls that go from rapper to rapper...i dont wanna judge though she might be a really nice girl, if she makes him happy that's all that really matters

freshestjets's picture

i hope my mans wiz smarter than that she was with kanye, but he might know something we dont, cause that nigga kanye is crazy

TREY LOCO's picture

I like her, she's a pretty girl and all but I just hope she doesnt use him like she did Kanye!

WizKhalifazWife's picture

i dont like them together...he can do WAAYY better than an industry hoe...shes gonna do him like she did kanye!! =[

StarrKhalifa's picture

its a possibilty they might !

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Wiz Mashup/Cover...


Tenicia Patillo's picture

thank u dnt do him

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Thts wht I said.

Maxine's picture

it cant be! i think he can do way better then her