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What Do Yew Likee Best About Wiz Khalifa./?


on Apr 18, 2011 at 09:25AM

I Love Wiz Point Blank Period.....#Team Khalifa ! :)

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Banana -Wiz Biggest Fan's picture

@Daniel Me Tew ! :D

danieL_4's picture

I like his laugh

Banana -Wiz Biggest Fan's picture


AAron Snowden's picture

his clothes

Massey TGOD's picture

What he reps

mike420fan's picture

wiz is da shitt....his music is dope as fuck and he is just the shitt....ooooohhhhh and he smokes bud hahahahahahahahaha taylor gang or die bitchez!!!!!!

Banana -Wiz Biggest Fan's picture

#That's What's Up

corjamieson's picture

i love how he is close with his fans like his daytoday videos and he tweets like every couple hours...