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What do I have to do!? To get backstage and chief with you in Orlando.


on Oct 18, 2010 at 15:54PM

What does a kid gotta do, to get backstage!?

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TGoD_Sterbz's picture

Not very likely unles you buy a meet and greet ticket for his tour and even then it's just shakin his hand and taking a picture or whatever. when he aint busy dude is just chillin in the burgh that's wut i heard.

JYuras's picture

yea man, me and my boi zkes577 would love to meet wiz

zkes577's picture

yea i was wondering how i can get some backstage passes or something like a vip or meet and great kind of thing. seeing if i could buy them some how.

Adam Sheets's picture

Bro, so weird that you say that...I'm good friends with him.