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Questions for a Wiz Khalifa interview in Copenhagen.


on Aug 13, 2011 at 08:41AM

If you have some interesting Wiz Khalifa questions you are desperate to get an answer to, feel free to make one!

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olijodry's picture

When are you going to make a new album

Tweaks420's picture

How did you meet will and chevy

chad graham's picture

are u gunna tour australia this year??

Tweaks420's picture

Two Question's if we can get our b-day sesh also like troy said when is High School coming out?

Damien Nunez's picture

how does wiz khalifa not get in trouble for all the weed in his videos?? :D

jlee627's picture

Tell him me and a friend wanna smoke with him!!!!

troynewell47's picture

could you ask him when High School is coming out