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    (04 Oct '10)

    Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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on Oct 04, 2010 at 16:39PM

Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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smoke weeds everyday

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i know your coming London on the 7th July, so can you squeeze in Leicester pleasee!!!

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Please come back to scotland mahn, seen you in november in glasgow and it was muda fuckin amazing, I love your music and just YOU! So please come back some time soon :)

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wiz hit me up with your booking info at

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Please come to Australia!

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come on here brazil man

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ee neighborhood wiz khalifa, D

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Hey Wiz, I live in Vermont, and you came here last year but I missed you concert but i heard it was sick and I was hoping you could come back to Vermont at least once. That would be so sick.
-Sam Wilkins

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Me encatan sus musicas :D

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yo wiz i really like your flow and all ur songs, there is just one thing i can say that i dont like and this goes for everyone in the game that does this!!! and that is once you blow up like you have done you forget about the people that helped you get to the point you are for example i have friend that lives in st.pete fl, with me who i was talking to the other day and he wasnt really bitchin about it but he was telling me that he did all ur beats for the mixed tape that got u on the cover of rolling stone and you know he was just sayin to me that he did the beats cheap not saying that you owe him anything but you would think now that you are rubbing shoulders with everyone in the game you might shoot his name out there so he can get some of that money too you know im just sayin cuz bim sure you couldve done it without his beats but you obviously used his beats for a reason so if you read this you know exactly who im talkin about so maybe you should holla at him or at least give him a plug here and there. once again he didnt ask me to say anything about it but i felt the need to!

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man wiz u go hard bro i been riden with yo music sience da start an all i have to say iz keep doing wat u do an fuck thease hatterz cuz u gitten money u made it bro!

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Whats good on a Presale to the show out in Colorado Red Rocks for TG members? tryin to get good/BOMB seats for the concert of the year!!! Killed it at Summer Jam (again)!!!

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Work hard play hard is fire! When you gonna come back and visit your fans in Dallas bro?!

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my men you are the best,,,,, only taylor gang.... COLOMBIA PRESENTE

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i smoke the best

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wiz you sick nigga u song keep play in my home all 7/11

Lucjan_Polska's picture check it from Poland

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Concert Here In Philippines !:)

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Im a fifteen year old rapper...How do i get started?

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Wiz Khalifa, come on here BRASIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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damn, the baddest rapper in the whole universe #
like if its not true, GO JIBRIL;

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Like Wiz Khalifa - Sevur - (Prod. by SEVUR MUZIK) FREESTYLE

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t god all day

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i hope that Wiz Khalifa and the Taylor Gang hits the philippines, how about that ?? ..

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I would like to record with you a grounder and you came to london

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come and smoke some bud with newzealnd

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This is the only place i could think to put this... my freestyle high as fuck haha ==>
Play it over this beat ==>

Thanks guys! i hope wiz sees this!