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Did yall pre-order Rolling Papers or are yall buying it in stores March 29?


on Mar 19, 2011 at 12:28PM

10 more days , $12.99 , Wiz Khalifa , iTunes

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elroon502's picture

pre-order Premium Package baby YaDig..Too Taylored

mikeahern's picture

It says you get a Taylor Gang membership to but I've gotten no info on it? Anybody know why

jooyrepstaylorgang's picture

tahahahaa yuuup 6 moree daays (:

TREY LOCO's picture

I want to listen to the leak so bad but I refuse to. Im just gonna wait until the release night.

originalflo's picture

ha thats how we ALL should do it;) i did quite the same...

JokerNYC75's picture

yeah , and i invited 20 of my dudes , to smoke some awesome shit , listenin some WIZ

originalflo's picture

yea i ordered the premium bundle too! support is everything!!!
did you guys listen to the leaked version?

Krypt's picture

yep yep gang gang

TREY LOCO's picture

@KRYPT Thats what up. Must be that link on the reciept. So we basically get a free digital copy also....nice!

Krypt's picture

pre-ordered premium bundle! @Trey Loco, you get a digital download on the 29th cuz ur order isn't gonna come till a week later maybe

highashell725's picture

LOL Hell yea dats a must TGOD u see dat hoodie siiick

TREY LOCO's picture

I pre-ordered the Premium bundle from the site. If I dont get it in time I might just download it on iTunes and ride to it on my iPod until it comes in. I cant wait!