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Fan talk


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Favorite Wiz Line/Verse 0 n/a
Wiz Khalifa-Peoria Ill 0 n/a
If I was Wiz! 4
a fackin goodtime 0 n/a
Smoke!! 0 n/a
Wiz killed it @ the Norva in norfolk. V.A Loves u my dude man i'd trade it all just to smoke wit ya. 0 n/a
Why was da video on for one day on 106 & Park 0 n/a
Waken Baken Tour/ Loud Ticket Bundle Experience! 2
Providence,Rhode Island 0 n/a
Show some love to the west coast 0 n/a
where do you get taylor gang merchandise? 2
was good 0 n/a
Wiz Khalifa Remixes 0 n/a
Being a fan man 0 n/a
5 tickets for sale for the sold out boston show 8
Special Request 0 n/a
Waken Baken Tour Help? 10
WHat Song and weed is A good combo 10
Wiz Khalifa debut on 106 & Park? 2
Seattle 5
Thanks to Wiz... 1
these are my high thoughts 2
Taylor Gang Or Be A Fake Ass Wannabeez 0 n/a
im marrrying wiz, 0 n/a