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Fan talk


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Do u think "Wiz Khalifa" is Sexy? 2
Did u sneak a listen to Rolling Papers 2
Rollin Papers cd 2
prince khalifa dats me 2
if u meet wiz 2
what was your first thought when you heard wiz on that radio with black and yello 2
TAylor Gang or die 3
Is wiz taking over? 3
shud wiz and drake do a song together? 3
Whats you favorite smoke device? Papers, Blunts, Bowls, Vaps 3
t.g.o.d 3
anahaime, ca tour!! 3
wats gudd lady taylorgang 3
young khalifa 3
should people under 18 be able tp purchas wiz khalifas rolling paper 3
Wiz Khalifa 3
TWITTER!!!!! 3
WIZ KHALIFA / everything. 3
taylor gang logo 3
Wiz is the man but 3
Taylor Gang or "?" Fill dat in e.g "Taylor Gang or the Electric Chair or Hug a Drink and Drive" 4
best track off Rolling Papers 4
This Plane by Wiz Khalifa 4
Favorite song? 4