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Fan talk


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black an yellow! all day every day 0 n/a
if u meet wiz 2
Which tweets from Wiz are your favorite. 2
Burn After Rolling 0 n/a
How would you describe what TaylorGang is? 35
List of Wiz Khalifa featured songs? 0 n/a
All Wizkhalifa Tickets are sold out 0 n/a
still blazin 0 n/a
"Black And Yellow" Guitar Lesson with HD Vid/Notation 0 n/a
Morgantown, WV Show 0 n/a
The True Hustle 0 n/a
uhhhh.. who wants to talk about weed? :) 1
Cleveland Shows Love to Wiz 0 n/a
do you think wiz has the potential to take over the whole hip hop game? 0 n/a
Wiz is the man but 3
Do you like Wiz Khalifa art ? 0 n/a
wiz khalifa 0 n/a
Soooo , Wiz is coming to Indianapolis <3 0 n/a
Wiz 0 n/a
I Got Wiz eFed up 0 n/a
Too Wiz From Star <3 0 n/a
ayo wiz 0 n/a
WIZ KHALIFA / everything. 3
Chok'd out loc'd out blowin hella smoke out<3 1
TWITTER!!!!! 3