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Fan talk


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Who's been to a wiz tour? 0 n/a
Fav Rolling Paper's Track 7
best track off Rolling Papers 4
rolling papers... 0 n/a
5 more hours 2
My Thought on Rolling Papers 2
Rollin papers not out till Friday here 0 n/a
just WIZ KHALIFA 0 n/a
Wiz Khalifa 0 n/a
Rollin Papers cd 2
Rolling Paper's Listening party? 1
Will The Real Taylors Please Stand UP? 36
Do u like Wiz better with or without the glasses? 6
Reused songs from mixtapes? 1
Can't get enough Wiz? 0 n/a
shud wiz and drake do a song together? 3
Describe Wiz in three words! 0 n/a
A NEW WAY TO SMOKE! take ur favorite alcohol bottle and we turn it into a bookah! 0 n/a
rolling papers leak fake? 2
Is wiz taking over? 3
whats the best time to play roll up 0 n/a
Did yall pre-order Rolling Papers or are yall buying it in stores March 29? 12
How High 1