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TAYLOR GANG - 2050 [TOUR RECAP #3 / Ottawa]


TAYLOR GANG - 2050 [TOUR RECAP #3 / Ottawa]

Posted by: MattLantic
on Oct 22, 2012 at 15:47PM
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Smoke weed my niggs and handle ya bizz
#Love Life

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yo touer in fresno

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Seems like 'yall had a blast yo. I got some folks here in Fresno Cali that are with the shit if you're interested in new recruits to the rap game. They've been at it for years, but haven't been fully recognized. Trees grow while the money flows. Anyways, let me know the deal. It would be great to hear back from a fly niggah! Keep it solid.

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this team is very wonderful

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yo i wanna enter taylor gang , and i have rapping skills and the reason i wanna enter is cuz taylor gang is nothing about fakes yall are real, so just hmu and trust me i could rap, this my dream though

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very nice.