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Apr 23, 2012 at
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Egi Faresha's picture

Check my Instrument

Egi Faresha's picture

Wiz Maniac

MilanaNikolić's picture

Have a huge greeting from Serbia. :)

youngweezy23's picture

We listening to u hear in Belize Wiz Mad Muzic dawg!

Whizkhalifa's picture

I got a message from Work Hard and play Hard what a Lovely Track... he Motivate me to Work and Play Hard... Whenever i am working i always play the Track... Continue flowing Khalifa.

joshieglavin's picture

i wanna be you

bryan armijos's picture

smokig weedd

stoner nerd88's picture

can someone please tell me what the 2nd song is on the no limit track, it comes in half way into the song, please can someone help me

BrunoAlexandre's picture

wiz khalifa'm a boy short that you live in Brazil in the state of sao paulo itu is my city and I wanted to walk with you as your parseiros Mec extend Miller sound tanbem Faso rap have dreams of being just like you hope one day I am like you I discolado tanbem burn a back loko I travel a lot in his songs, my family supports me not to be like you more because I do not care what do inporta is partnership and happiness and I want to be blessed as you are and how your says tattoo on his left hand so I want you to answer my q request not know for certain that I'll regret it bro ...

MicheleCarterForte's picture

Italy love you wizzzzz!!!!! <3