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    (04 Oct '10)

    Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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on Oct 04, 2010 at 16:39PM

Welcome to the new! We value your site suggestions and feedback. Please comment here to let us know what you like, suggest new features, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.

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mrs weeds23's picture

owhh... weit dont forget the important smoke in univers ^^.

mrs weeds23's picture

wiz can you come here in philipines, i want to see you in personal because you are my idol. i hope you come. my real name is (just pm me. ^^)

RubenQuiros's picture

wiz come to costa rica you have so much fans here!'s picture

wiz your the sickest rapper ever and please try and come to michigan and just letting you know that i met chevy woods when u came to michigan this past summer it was the sweetest time ever you always do hella good at your concerts. TURN IT UP WIZ HELL YA.

RamierFajardo's picture

Smoke Weeds Whiz !!

Finesse37's picture

Wiz, I really want a response regarding loss of money for tickets to the Bridgeport, CT Harbor Yard Event. I would like to be reimbursed. How can you cancel? This is not a good look for you.

JulioRocha's picture

Wiz gotta come to Hawaii again but try go to Maui

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mitch6995's picture

it's hard to explain what its like to find an all around msuician like you. i mean half the time i put aside your music and jus think about how real you are jus as a human being. its not jus your music its the whole fucking lifestyle. i RARELY care enough about other rappers to do more than listen to their music because its always jus a dissapointment to findout how fake they are. but i swear i can jus sit and watch random interviews of you and shit cus your jus so down to earth and respectable. seriously... what other rappers are as real as you, but at the same time can be a caring husband and father. thats what trully makes you such a respecable man. i look up to you bro! even though your the reason all my wraps and rellos are stale as shit. so i guess my suggestion would be to keep doin you, and hopefully everybody else will catch up later.


AustinDavidAchermann's picture

u need to come to switzerland again! last time with yellawolf was awesome but please come here again and present ur new album. maybe u dont know but u have a huge community here :)
greetings from switzerland

OdionTgod's picture

we get medicated as it is by wiz khalifa tgod

OdionTgod's picture

Hey brah, how did you do that, you dropped a new album o.n.i.f.c and it is on top 1 in the USA, nigga u´re the Boss :D

ingramdylon98's picture

wiz khalifa is my favorite rapper in the world im i i am his #1 fan i wish i could meet him but im only 14 but i will still always rep TAYLOR GANG!!!!

sherwin charles's picture

wiz khalifa is my role model love his music my dream is one day to smoke a dubb with him 

Allan Salvador's picture

imisxu haha im a real weed smoker

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JamieByars's picture

Love you Wiz, love your music, love everything about you. However... that tile game, was interesting. I liked playing it, it was fun, I won't lie... but man I'm high! Doin that shit was not easy! Just remember short term memory loss is a growing problem. Love you Wiz!

Ariadna's picture

Oh yeaah ;:D

CleanUpGuy's picture

Wiz Khalifas new clothes style sucks!! He is not a raper anymore, he is just some 1970 classic guy.

OdionTgod's picture

Listening to cabin fever 2 now yeah buddy :-)

OdionTgod's picture

Wiz is the only rapper that does musics that are very catchy and energetic

Tgod 4ever. <3

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jhux36's picture

Man for real i know u prolly dont reply to these things or even read them but u brought stuff back like it use to be and should be just kick it with the crew smoke loud and get paid u know what im sain nigga

Jamalshit's picture

this shit is awsome ,man i like wiz so much you know what i'm sayng its cool man to have this shit that makes ya communicate with the other taylors nuthin' better than this shit.

Allan Salvador's picture

hi im allan and im the no. 1 fan of wiz khalifa in phillipines i smoke weed evry day that's the way i lake it

AlJohnPabreza's picture

Hi,i'am just a fan but with some ideas for a new song.Insted of B.o.B ft hayley williams-airplanes "Wiz ft elle varner-airplanes"with the same instrumental and just change the lyrics" how about that idea of a song?

moe youssouf's picture

I'd love to surprise my 2friend with backstage passes. He would like to meet you and your crew at the concert in Regina,Sk

WebCrew's picture

@Babzee60 - We contacted the Taylor Gang membership on your behalf. Please let us know if it does not get resolved.

@Real_Lavoie - The logins for and are different. If you're having trouble using your store login, use the "forgot password" option found under Login or let us know.

REAL_LAVOIE's picture

I've been trying to log into the store, but it doesn't let me. I've registered and everyithng. Just wanna buy some Taylor clothes mane! Help?

Tour Club Admin's picture

Hello Babezee60! I went ahead and canceled the recurring payments for you. You should be all set. Enjoy!