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'O.N.I.F.C. (Only N*gga In First Class)' Artwork


'O.N.I.F.C. (Only N*gga In First Class)'...
Posted by MattLantic
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follow me on instagram @angel_nobles

Angel Nobles's picture

Best album of the year...

SmoothPrezii's picture

The life.

khalifa_wiz's picture

Yep..Thats You...Kinglifa. Keep On Spending Black And Yellow Like yellow Gold Chain On The Black

Lenin's picture

fuck them niggas who hated
Don't know what they hate for
I'm Just gettin my paper

Lacez12's picture

They ain't got nothing on u WIZ KHALIFA u the shit all these people do is hate so let them at the end of the day u the one gettin paid.

'eLiiszabeeth Hernaandeesz''s picture

I Love This..♥

Taylorglamgirl's picture

I just check out some the new youtube interviews, I didn't realize that your new album and its cover would be such a problem for other peeps. lol I guess cause I like to think and stay out of the box, Its cool let the haters hate all the legends had the same problem. keep doing you boo your true fans got your back.

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G as fuck....what else is there to say?

Taylorglamgirl's picture

Rick James, or jimmy Hendrix?..... i say u look more like jimmy.