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Wiz Khalifa in Brazil I support! (Wiz Khalifa no brasil eu apoio !)


on Jun 12, 2011 at 18:03PM

those who think the Wiz Khalifa must do at least one show in Brazil,
is only manifest itself as he sings a lot.

(quem acha que o Wiz Khalifa deve fazer pelo menos um show no Brasil,

é só se manifestar, ele canta muito.)

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ElliotJacques's picture

Taylor everywhere !!!! Come to Brazil Wiz !!!! you're fucking awesome...we need you here Wiz !!!

leo Khalifa's picture

aeee Pessoal, vamo começar a divulgar mais essa idea aee...
pra nao demorar muitooo!!!

haahah, wiz khalifa man

VictorVarricchio's picture

Yeah man!
Wiz Khalifa You have a lot of fans here and would be awesome if You do a show here :)
São Paulo would be great

Luís Rodrigo's picture

Pode cre, o Wiz Khalifa podia fazer um show no Brasil... Aposto que pararia tudo hahaha *-* e claro que o show deveria ocorrer em lugares onde é legalize né kkkk!

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Viny.TG's picture

isso ae tem que fazer um show no Brasil cara ia ser mto loko

julio cesar alves's picture ai galera uma pagina que criei no facebook sobre a possibilidade da vinda do wiz khalifa ao brasil nesse ano no swu,vamos divulgar galera quem sabe chamamos atençaõ dos diretores do evento,tamu junto me ajudem!

WeeD_everyday's picture

I am Brazilian and I wiz khalifa in Brazil! I will show Brazilian marijuana .. kk G:

Carlos Henrique's picture

good idea, if possible at "Barrashow" where SouljaBoy and Lil jon did a show once ;p

Kevin Scanferla's picture

He should come to brazil , would be AWESOME!!

common wiz!!!

Matheus Vanin's picture

Everyone knows that Brasil is a good country for shows,all big rappers in the world already did show on "Wonderful Country"

Kamila Biscaia's picture

wiz khalifa show doing here in my home,OOOHHHH YEAH

Rafael Rubio's picture

Yeah man, i want to see Wiz Khalifa here in brazil too, i like all musics, and i only listen Wiz Khalifa in the last 6 months, in my car Subwoofer go hard with your sounds khalifa, everyone move's head and body when listen your musics!

"Wake up, lets go sky high in this plane, and make It hot, everyone will lose control,
i'll roll up, right here, no sleep, when arrive's, walks into red carpet, i smile to the cameras,
becouse i am the Superstar with black'n yellow sports car...
Every one will talk about ya when i'm gone!..."

Rafael Esquitini Rubio. from São Paulo/ Brazil

Guilherme Martins's picture

Yeah I also support ;)

Felipe Alvim Gaissler's picture

yeah !