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what does it take to be part of taylor gang


on Oct 21, 2010 at 10:03AM

like what does it accually take to be part of the taylor gang family

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Taylor gang is wiz kalifas krew that he runs with. It is mostly about getting high, getting drunk, and getting money and if you cant live it dont rep it. Its also about being a Fan of all of the arist that started taylor gang. All I have to say is if you cant live it dont rep it.(:

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being yourself. thats taylored. love and peace to all

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you guys dont even know what being taylored is about! it aint just about smokin hella good and bein a loyal fan. its about being yourself to cuz when u get something taylored its fit to u so u gotta fit urself. and its also about smokin joints cuz when u smoke a j its called a taylor too $hort actually tought that to wiz. it started when wiz khalifa starting wearing Chuck Taylors "Chuck T's" at Taylor Allerdice and then all his friends wore them and one day wiz said they wer like Taylor Gang. so JOSHROCQUE & TGOD_STERBZ learn about it before you consider yourself a "TAYLOR." iM A HUGE FAN OF WIZ AND I KNOW WHAT IM TALKIN BOUT BRUH IM LOOKIN FWD TO HIS ONIFC ALBUM COMIN OUT I ALREDY GOT EVERY OTHER ALBUM AND NEWEST FREESTYLES ON MY IPOD SUCH AS BED REST YA'LL SHOULD CHECK IT OUT. ALSO CHECK OUT THE MOVIE AND SOUNDTRACK OF MAC AND DEVIN GO TO HIGH SCHOOL THAT ISH IS HARD HA.


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HA, nigga, it takes hella smokin and bein loyal to khalifa. imma taylor

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Fuck you mean nigga? Taylor gang is Wiz Khalifa and his followers (fans)

if you smoke hella tree and a loyal fan. your a taylor.