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What was the very first Wiz Khalifa's song you listened to?


on Feb 19, 2012 at 13:23PM

Mine was "I make it hot" on december of 2008, wbu?

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Black and yellow

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ODE to naked popstars :L i randomly found it and it was awesome

MedySun7MusicNation's picture

Black and yellow was the first song I heard by him. After that track I recognize him as a dope Artist, then I downloaded all his mixtapes to see where he was coming from. The name Khalifah is not only Arabic but it's an Islamic title that Muslims respect, so I was checking for a connection there. I heard him mentioned that his grandfather or father is Muslim so the influence is there. He's a overall cool dude. I copped rolling papers and imma copped all the other albums he put out... I would like to work with him on some tracks.

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first song i heard by wiz was say yeah in like 2006 lol

ReadySetHubay's picture

honestly black and yellow was the first song i heard by him. but before i listened to him i was like wtf kinda name is wiz khalifa? wasnt even interested. but then i fed my ears to wiz and they just couldnt get enough!

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Wiz Khalifa - material

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Mine was name on a cloud a while ago,didn't even know who wiz khalifa was lol, but now wiz is all i listen to!