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Whats your fav Wiz Khalifa Song


on Nov 17, 2011 at 17:01PM

Im a new Khalifa fan. What should I absolutely bump right now?

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AldoCldrn's picture

Download Kush & OJ from (legal) his best mixtape in my opinion which inlude Never been ans in the cut

Simplyjensen's picture

In my opinion i love most of all his songs but here is my top for the mood im in

When I'm on cloud 9- When I'm gone off Rolling papers
Going out for the Night- Kleenix off Flight School
Sleepy- Rooftops off Reefer Party
End of the Night of course On my Level- Rolling Papers

ALL TIME FAVORITE if i had to pick

STUDIO LOVIN off Deal or no Deal

JAY_R_2's picture

"K.H.A.L.I.F.A" best song!!

D-Money's picture

Ink My Whole Body I don't Give A Mutha-F*ck

alwayskeep1rolled's picture

this plane, the thrill, heart&soul, still blazin and when im gone

khalifa JR's picture

On my level is a good Wiz Khalifa song

Mrz. Khalifa's picture

this plane is my fav song

yOUR FAN's picture

lOVEE all thatt f*kin songs nigga!
btw ive just inkeed ( wiz khalifa ) on my leg haha the best men keep going .

Cambry's picture

All his songs are the shit:), Play them all

WizKhalifaWifey_4's picture

my fav song is taylor gang i love that song

DDwili's picture

the race

Sinderella Renee''s picture

Wale ft Wiz Khalifa Cool breeze ? lol