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whts the best wiz khalifa song ?


on Nov 03, 2011 at 21:02PM

wht do yu think is the best wiz song ??

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studio lovin
im a star
phone numbers
im good
no sleep
...and another 50 songs..

nemo_duhh's picture

I would have to say Gang Bang.!

Simplyjensen's picture

In my opinion i love most of all his songs but here is my top for the mood im in

When I'm on cloud 9- When I'm gone off Rolling papers
Going out for the Night- Kleenix off Flight School
Sleepy- Rooftops off Reefer Party
End of the Night of course- On my Level off Rolling Papers

ALL TIME FAVORITE if i had to pick

STUDIO LOVIN off Deal or no Deal

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the testament, the race

Cambry's picture

Sky High

luca_bj's picture

Taylor Gang!

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Sinderella Renee''s picture

Gang Bang*

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any wiz khalifa song is good but overall i think the best song would have to be either reefer party or this plane cuz its taylor gang or die thats the family

romulanlemonsnow's picture

still blazin!

Cali Green's picture

Gang Bang.... money, hoes, money and hoes