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Best Wiz song to get high to?


on Jun 23, 2011 at 19:47PM

My favorite is On My Level.

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the kid frankie !

Chris Gava's picture

Stoned has to be the best song for that!

KushBoss's picture

Still Blazin Ahhaa' ?

big t's picture

imma go with young wild n free only cuz im in highschool. on my level iz 2nd

amaxx35's picture

all of em.. :P

Jossay Teach'Ya's picture

"On My Level", "Reefer Part", "Phone Numbers", "Counting Faces", "Stoners Night", "Up", "Waken Baken", "Smoking On", "Wake Up", "Weed Brownies" and When Yurr in a group, "Teach You To Fly"

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So high

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if you smoking with you significant other - UP
if you by yourself- So high or On my Level
if you smoking with a group of people- Keep one rolled or reefer party
you can smoke to damn neer all the songs he has made. lmao

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i like still blazzin :)