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How can i meet the man himself (wiz khalifa) in person


on Apr 07, 2011 at 21:21PM

I really would like to meet wiz khalifa in person for my birthdayy

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What up bru.....

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im trying to get wiz khalifa for my boyfriend's birthday

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Dear Wiz Khalifa, I Love You Soooo Much Your To Awesome & To Dope Am Listening To Your Music Right Now Singing Along With You. I Support Your Music, Clothing Designs, and Chuck Taylor's. I Listen To Your Music EVERY Single Day you have me thinking a lot with your music it just makes me think about good things. I Lovee Your Laugh I Would Always Tell Myself One Day I Will Meet You Wiz Khalifa <3 Been Listening Ever Since You've Been Rapping (: I Want To Meet You One Day On My Birthday Or Even One Day Just To Be Young,Wild, & Free :D I Always Tell My Friends How Cute You Are Haha And How Awesome Your Music Is I Would LOVE To Meet You One Day :) ;p TGOD EVERYDAY :) ;)

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id like to meet him when ever he is in paris again like to show him parisian life in a english Parisian way

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I would like him to read my rap

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Making music with wiz khalifa n Taylor gang

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I realy want to meet him but i'ts hard and i tried to live taylor stay trippy and say to the people's haw to live free and wild becouse that's the point of taylor for me and agien i want to meet him very much :)

JorgeEnriqueAlvaradoMorales's picture

i want to be a taylor gang for thats the life green rocks but brown sucks i want to drink all day long and im 16 taylor gang forever taylor!!!!! roll it up light it and smoke that good green famous medical weed that is what you must smoke every weed you see or taste never say no until you fall in sleep taylor gang tahts all for me now!!! :) taylor gang or die!!!!!

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Cameron please I really want to meet you and just smoke with you all day long please respond to this fan talk come to Texas and we can post trip and chill haha I wanna see if i can hang with you!!! You even said yourself to go smoke with you in the video of reefer party so that's what I want to do please!!

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I Wish Wiz Khalifa Could Come To Teh Caribbean For His Fans Here nD have A Meetb Nd Greet in ST.MAARTEN i WOuld DEFENETLY Be THERE To MEET ND GREET :) ILY WIZ !!!!

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i wudd love to get in the game of the TAYLOR GANG and rapp ma new songs.

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you can pay 170 for the meet and greet lol

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I would really love to smoke a Joint with him. One of my Live dream :)

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Listen to this new joint by Taylor Gangs newest member, Juicy J. He goes in too hard! WE TRIPPPYYYY!!

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maan every one wants to meet Wiz but the important thing is Who he want to meet xaax i am from poor country Bulgaria and i cant "want" something like this i just can dream to happin some day in some strange world not in my world xahuaxhu i wake up with his music i smoke with his music i fuck with his music and every day smoke some dooby 4 him yeaaah work hard play hard dude

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Ya'll heard the biz, is what it iz. 100k or no way. Get it right, get it tight, elate my life wiz.

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Hello i want with WIZ meet... Please i am Deaf and i love him...
(my mail adress
Greetz from Germany. We <3 love WIZ

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fuck a birthday i would like to meet wiz khalifa anyday, not the wiz khalifa you guys think he is, Cameron Thomas. now that guy is the shit and when i do meet him i hope he likes my music as much as i appreciate his.

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Mi birthday is in april nd i really wanna meet wiz ima b 17 i aint get ta have a sweet 16 so im tryna have a sweet 17 wit wiz im tryna smoke some real weed nd kick it wit wiz dat would b da bess birthday gift ever

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does he ever even get on this site

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I wanna face him in a bong ripp competition that right calling you out Wiz

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My 18 year brother, and nephews all love his music, but I am the one that introduce him them to his music.

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My birthday is April 27th I will be turning 35, I am throwing a weefer party at my house, I would love to have Wiz come and teach me how to roll the prfect birthday blunt. How do I get him to accept my invitation?

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I'd LOVE to meet Wiz Khalifa, Hands down the best music i've ever listen to. I love everything about him. His lyrics really reach out to me and its made me live my life to the fullest. OG KUSH & Orange juice

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Wiiiiz Khalifa is an awful lot of work every hour is somewhere else, the only place where he can be the backstage. TAYLOR GANG//PAPER PLANE

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Be a dream come true to meet wiz he's like god to me T.G.O.D

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I'm Going to the Warfield Concert dec 12 and I'm a taylor gang fan since day one and to meet wiz khalifa would be the best just one picture or just to see him up close it would be awesome

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I'm Going to the Warfield Concert dec 12 and I'm a taylor gang fan since day one and to meet wiz khalifa would be the best just one picture or just to see him up close it would be awesome

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Yo, my birthday is in March and I really want to meet Wiz Khalifa on my big day. That would be effin' DOPE! All I want to do is just smoke some ganga, and chill! That's all I want for my birthday, nothing else. Just meeting Wiz Khalifa. That would change my life forever.

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